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What is an air conditioner?

You hot? You sticky?

A little AC does the tricky.

A blue air conditioner
A breeze is coming...

Air conditioning – the “AC” in HVAC – is just a fancy term for keeping air cool and clean. Since W. H. Carrier filed the OG AC patent in 1906, we've used machines to blow dryer, colder air around ducts and into rooms.

Ok cool!

So...where is it?

Playful image collage of a box cheese grater, a flat cheese grater, and an air conditioner set against a wooden deck and a bright blue sky with wisps of clouds.
3 types of cheese-graters AC units

If you look around, you might have one of three common AC unit types: central AC, window AC, or floor AC!

Gust of air

Central AC.

If you have central AC, you probably have a big cheese-grater-looking box in your yard that spins up a fan every time you click that thermostat down a few degrees as the weather gets warmer.

A window

Window AC.

If you're keeping it frosty in a smaller space, your cheese–grater may be chillin' in your window.

A window

Portable AC.

Or if you prefer the more chill, grounded approach, it may even be on the floor in the corner of your room.

Like Grandma Willis would say...

These AC's keep you and your cheese from sweat in summer degrees.

Collage image of a stack of cheeses, a 1950's style lady with a vacum, and a large pocket watch in the background of a lush lawn and blue sky.
Cool cheese.
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